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How to Become an Affiliate Partner

How it works

Cloutly's Partner Program recognizes and rewards agencies and brand evangelists, while helping both our businesses grow. It's designed by marketers, for marketers, so having the following qualities will help you succeed as an affiliate partner, faster:

You're a marketing agency
Refer your clients to Cloutly and help them get more reviews, outshine their competition and improve their conversions.

You've got an audience
Have a blog, channel, strong social media following or a captive SMB audience? Use your platform to promote Cloutly and get paid.

You just love Cloutly!
Already tell your friends, peers and colleagues about how much you love Cloutly? We want to reward you!

Earning commissions with Cloutly

As an affiliate, you will earn an ongoing 20% commission on referred sales (this means every month or year, for every customer you refer). There is no earnings cap.

Payouts to you are conditional on three factors:

Your referred customer needs to keep an active account for 1 month without cancelling before we can pay you;
Your referred customer must maintain an active account and must not be in arrears in order for you to receive ongoing commissions every month/year.
You must have earned at least $50USD in commission before we can pay you each period.

How am I paid?

Inside your Affiliate Dashboard, you'll need to input your PayPal email address under 'Your Payout Method'. Each month, if you've met the payout criteria and have pending commissions, we'll send a payout to your nominated PayPal address.

Note: We are not responsible for payments sent to incorrect or misspelled PayPal addresses. Please check that your details are accurate. We reserve the right to deduct any fees from your payout charged to us due to your error.

Log into your dashboard and head to the Affiliates section

Copy your referral link and share it with your friends, colleagues and/or clients


How can I promote Cloutly?

You can promote Cloutly through reviews, blogs, banners and links on your website, or simply by referring people through your referral link.

There are some things you cannot do to promote Cloutly, though.

Read our Terms and Conditions (Section 2.8) to understand our PPC Guidelines and to understand what kinds of websites you may not promote us on. As a rule of thumb, if it infringes our trademarks, is illegal, exploitative, attempts to trick people, is discriminatory, spammy or unethical, please don't do it.

Agency? Choose how you want to grow:

As an agency partner, you can choose how you'd like to manage your clients:

➜ Sign up for one Cloutly account, manage all your clients within and charge them a management fee each month;

➜ Create a new Cloutly account for each of your clients using your unique referral link, collect a lifetime commission for each client, and charge your management fee on top.

No problem, just append ?redirect=REDIRECT_URL to the end of your referral link and modify the REDIRECT_URL property to where you want your referrals to land.

Here is an example:

I want to promote Cloutly, but I don't have an active partner account

Apply for a partner account here.

Updated on: 01/09/2023

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