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How to Create, Edit and Publish Your Microsite

Welcome to your microsite!

Every location you connect to Cloutly allows you to publish a public-facing microsite. It's your all-in-one business listing page that brings together your information, opening hours, services, and of course, your reviews. For businesses who don't spend thousands of dollars a month on their website or SEO, your free microsite helps customers find you, see your reviews and get in touch with you online.

How to create your microsite

1. From the Locations menu (Settings ➜ Account ➜ Locations), click the "View" button underneath the Microsite column; this will take you to the location editor on your first interaction (and your live microsite on future interactions).

2. Within the location editor, you'll be able to change your location/sender name (for campaigns), upload a new logo, plus see, edit and publish your microsite details on the right hand side.

If you've connected your Google Business Profile to this location (see connecting review sites), you'll also be able to automatically fill your microsite with Google data, like opening hours, cover photo and more. Click the "Fill from Google" button at the top right to do this.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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