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Adding and Managing New Locations

How to add more locations to your Cloutly account

1. To upgrade your account with additional locations, go to Settings ➜ Account ➜ Billing on your dashboard
2. Click "Upgrade Plan"
3. Enter a new number of locations to add to your plan and then click "Complete Plan Change"

How to edit and manage your locations

Find all your locations under Settings ➜ Account ➜ Locations

If you've just upgraded your plan allowance, you'll be able to add or remove locations from this screen.

To add a location, click "Add New Location" at the bottom of the screen
To remove a location, click the three vertical dots next to your location and select "Delete"
To edit a location (including its name, logo or microsite details), click the three vertical dots and select "Edit"

Update, publish or unpublish your microsite (included on all Cloutly plans) from within the "Edit" screen here too.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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