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How to Create a Review Campaign

Campaigns are your shortcut to more reviews. With Cloutly, you can create as multiple campaigns in order to segment your review requests by customer type, product, service, or even team member. Since every campaign contains up to 4x unique steps (sent out by SMS + Email), creating campaigns tailored to your customers' experience is a powerful way to increase engagement and get more reviews.

Creating a new campaign

Go to Campaigns and click "Create New Campaign" at the top right

Inside the editor, you can edit up to 4x messages (steps). Click on each step to select and edit it. You can also click the trash icon next to a step to delete it.

On the left hand side of the window, you can fully customize the appearance of each step including the email subject line, contents of the message, video (optional) and review sites. When you start to make changes on the left, you'll see them appear in the preview pane to the right.

Once you're happy with your campaign, click "Activate" up the top right. This will change the status of your campaign from "Draft" to "Live", allowing you to begin enrolling contacts into the workflow. You'll also see the "Review Sites" button up here, which will let you change the review site buttons for this campaign.

Should I add a video to my campaign?

If you're up to it, yes! Video invites are almost 2x as successful at generating reviews. It's a unique and far more personalized way to ask people to review you (rather than sending a cookie-cutter text template).

Can Cloutly protect me from negative reviews?

If you're worried about negative reviews, Cloutly does include a Google-compliant opportunity for customers to provide you with offline feedback. We do this by including a button below the review links in each campaign message that says "Need help? Contact us directly".

When clicked, this button opens a feedback form and allows the customer to ask you for help or provide you with direct feedback (before their issue results in a bad review).

Once completed, this feedback is immediately routed to your Reviews Inbox and you will receive an email + dashboard alert.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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