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How to Create QR Codes and Review Links

This guide will show you how to create review links, QR codes and printable review posters.

On Cloutly's Growth plan, you can create as many Review Links and QR codes as you'd like. Create one, or create one hundred. It's up to you!

Cloutly's review links and QR codes are an extremely versatile way to collect reviews - online and offline. Here are a few ways we've seen review links used:

Email signatures
Existing marketing emails
Linktree/social media call to action buttons
On the bottom of digital invoices and quotes
Inside product packaging
QR code printed onto restaurant menus
QR code displayed at the point of sale
QR code displayed in office waiting areas
QR code displayed at events, functions and conferences

Go to the "Links" section of your dashboard
Select your location, choose your review sites and design and the page to your liking (you'll see a live preview on the right hand side)
Click "Create Review Link" which will open a pop-up window
Copy your link, or choose to download the QR code associated with it

From the "Links" section of your dashboard, simply click "Manage Links" to see all your previously created links and pages.

Updated on: 15/02/2023

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