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How to Connect Review Sites

First, go to Integrations from the side menu (underneath Settings). Here, you'll see all the available review sites up the top, and all CRM integrations at the bottom half of the page (like Hubspot).

Managing multiple locations and review sites

For each location you've connected, you can connect its corresponding review sites. For example, if you have 10 locations, you might have 10 Google or Facebook pages. You can select the active location by clicking through the selector at the top of the page:

For every location you've added to Cloutly, ensure you've connected its corresponding integrations.

Connecting Google and Facebook

Click on the Google/Facebook 'bubble' to open a pop-up authenitcation window

Grant access to Cloutly

Select the Google/Facebook page from the list that appears

Note: if you do not see a pop-up window from Facebook/Google when you click on the integration button, ensure any ad blockers are turned off and that you're not using Incognito mode.

How to connect other review sites

Some review sites on the Integrations page can be connected by simply copying/pasting your review site URL. Here's how!

Click on the integration you'd like to connect
Paste your Review Page URL. This is the public link to your profile on the review site. Ensure you use our URL guidelines so this is successful.
Optionally - enter a different URL for Review Campaigns. This is where your customers go when you ask them to review you on this site.

Once you've connected a review site this way, Clouty will begin importing all your reviews (this may take some time).

If you want to get reviews on a site we haven't listed, you can!

Click 'Add Custom Link'
Name your review site and input a direct link to its review page (this is where customers go when you ask them to review you here)
Click 'Add this Custom Site' - done!

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Updated on: 06/02/2023

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