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Respond to Reviews from Apple's App Store Connect with 2FA


If you are on the Power plan, this integration with App Store Connect allows you to reply to positive and negative reviews using Cloutly.

Note that you will need to follow these instructions before Cloutly can respond to reviews on your behalf.

After you set up the App Store Connect connection, Cloutly will be able to access your reviews feed and respond to reviews on your behalf. This access is regulated by App Store Connect roles and can be modified by you at any time.

If you have an Android app, set up a Google Play Console integration to reply to your reviews on Android as well.

How to set up the App Store Connect integration

If your App Store Connect account has multifactor authorisation via an authenticator app or an SMS code, please follow these steps to set up the integration.

Sign in to App Store Connect and navigate to the Users and Access section.

Click the “+” button at the top of the user list. Users can be invited by anyone with Account Holder, Admin, or App Manager permissions in App Store Connect.

Enter the following details:
First name: Cloutly
Last name: Connect
Email: [email protected]

Check the "Customer Support" box underneath Roles to ensure Cloutly has basic permissions to respond to your reviews

Click "Invite"

In Cloutly, head to Connected Sites and add the Apple AppStore integration

Enter the public URL for your app and check "I've invited Cloutly to my App Store Connect account" once done

We will verify the integration and add it to your account within 3 working days. If there are any issues with the integration, we will reach out to you via email.

Please note that your review responses appear in the App Store after moderation, which may take up to 24hrs.

Updated on: 06/02/2023

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