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Integrate Square with Cloutly

Welcome to Cloutly x Square

Cloutly is a reviews platform that automates and personalizes review collection for businesses (across dozens of sites like Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor etc). It’s a tailored approach to reviews that makes it more human, less transactional (no more cookie cutter emails!)

The following guide will show you how to get set up as fast as possible, connecting your Square point of sale and/or webstore with Cloutly to start collecting reviews.

Getting started

When you sign up for Cloutly via the Square App Marketplace, you'll go through our Square-specific signup process. Already have a Cloutly account? Jump ahead to Step 3.

1. Create a free Cloutly account when prompted. After entering an email and password, you'll be redirected to Square.

2. Sign into your Square account and permit Cloutly access to connect the two platforms
Allow the connection

3. You'll be taken to Cloutly's "Integrations" page. Here, you can connect your review sites (like Google + Facebook).

Configure the Square integration

1. After connecting your review sites, click on the Square integration to configure when and how your review campaigns should be sent.

Configure the Square connection

There are two options Cloutly uses as 'triggers':

Send campaign after Order Completed
Send campaign after Appointment Completed

Choose one (or both) options that make sense for your business. For example, if you sell products over the counter at the point of sale, you'll want to send a review campaign after "Order Completed".

If instead your business uses an appointment system, it makes sense to ask customers for reviews after their appointment has been completed.

2. Choose which campaign to send, and when.

You can fully customize your review campaign templates from the Campaigns page. For now, you'll select which campaign your customers should receive from you, and what delay (if any) should exist between the trigger and the campaign.

Eg: When a customer completes an order, should we start the campaign immediately, or should we wait 7 days?

3. Once you're happy with the configuration, click "Update Integration" to save the settings. Note that you can always pause or disconnect this integration.

Important conditions

Please be aware of the certain conditions and requirements about webhook processing.

Payment received

Use for Square Appointments or Square POS

When a payment is completed in square, the contact will be sent a review invite. This applies to either Appointments or Square POS.
For appointments, the contact will be sent the review invite when payment received. You cannot send the invite after the appointment is completed (only payment received).

Order completed and payment received

Use for Square Online

If an order contains fulfilment conditions, both Order.State and Order.Fulfilment.State must have status completed.
An order must be completed and a payment has been collected for the review invite to be sent.

Updated on: 11/09/2023

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