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Looker (Data Studio) Integration Guide

Cloutly Reviews - Looker Data Studio Integration Guide.

This applications allows you to aggregate your business reviews into a Looker Studio (previously Data Studio). Please note the following requirements:

Registered with Cloutly on a paid subscription.
Connect your review sites in the Cloutly dashboard for the data to show in Looker.
Looker Connection only allows you to view your review data (use Cloutly dashboard to obtain more reviews, show them on your website)

Go to the connector here:

1️⃣ Create an account and obtain your API Key.

Log in and sign up for a free trial to get started:

Obtain your API Key using this photo below:

api key

2️⃣ Install Looker Connection

The following page illustrates where you need to add your API key:

3️⃣ Connect your businesses

Select the business you want to connect:

Click "Create Report" and include all fields. No other changes are necessary here:

4️⃣ Create your first chart

Insert a new chart with the connected DataSource:

Now you can track your reviews for your businesses in one place.

5️⃣ Now it's over to you

This guide isn't comprehensive on how Looker works, so check the internet for that. If you want to see your reviews in this integration, you need to ensure you have them connected in Cloutly.

Here is an example showing we have connected Google My Business but not Facebook yet. The more review sites you connect, the more data you will have in Looker.

Enjoy 😋

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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