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Integrate Mindbody Online with Cloutly

Mindbody Online - Integration Guide

If your business uses Mindbody Online, follow this guide to integrate Mindbody with Cloutly. This integration will allow you to automatically send review campaigns after an appointment has been completed.


You have an active Cloutly plan.
You are the "Owner" of an active Mindbody Online account.

How it works?

How does the Mindbody trigger work?

Important! It's really beneficial for you to understand this section clearly.

The following conditions need to be fulfilled before we send a review invite for completed appointments in Mindbody.

When you create or update an appointment in Mindbody;
appointment endDate must be in the future
appointment isConfirmed must be true
appointment hasArrived must be true
appointment must have client details (firstName and email)

If any of the conditions are false, Cloutly will not send the review invite.

If all of the conditions are met, we will send the review invite ONLY when the endDate has past (ie: after the appointment has been completed).

Mindbody appointment example

How to remove or stop a review invite from being sent?

Important! It's really beneficial for you to understand this section clearly.

When an appointment has been deleted in Mindbody Online, Cloutly ensures that the contact does not receive a review invitiation. You'll still see the contact in your Cloutly dashboard, but they'll be "pending invite" - not actively enrolled in a campaign.

For example: you have a confirmed appointment for next Tuesday. The client arrives and the hasArrived field has been updated by your staff in Mindbody. This is the trigger Cloutly uses to send the review invitation by email/sms. If the appointment was deleted, only then will Cloutly stop the review for being sent. Please chat with us if you have different use cases.

Action required: How to get started

Please follow each step, one by one; the order is important.

1️⃣ Provide us your your Site ID (or sometimes known as Client ID):

To get started, we need your authorisation to connect your Cloutly and Mindbody accounts:

How do I find my Site ID?

Send your Site ID to us by email or support chat.

2️⃣ Activate the integration:

When we receive your Site ID, we will commence the integration by providing you an Activation Link.


After you receive the link from us, you will need to click the link and grant access to your site.

How do I grant access to site data?

After you have done this, please notify us and then we can enable your integration within the Cloutly dashboard.

Example showing when the Mindbody site activation is completed

3️⃣ Set up your review automation:

Now you can create review campaign automations.

You can create as many automations as you'd like
It's common to create 1 automation per staff member and have individual staff campaigns to track reviews

When you've set up the automation as you'd like, click "Submit" to enable it immediately.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like assistance during setup or have questions

Here is an example of what you could connect:

4️⃣ How to disconnect or stop the integration:

If you want to deactivate an automation, you can click the "Diconnect Mindbody" button to delete the integration. Note: you cannot pause the integration; it's either connected or disconnected.

Manage automations

If you're a developer (or just curious), you can use the View Logs feature to check the integration is firing correctly, and to help debug any issues.

View logs

Enjoy 😋

Updated on: 17/02/2023

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