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Integrate ClubReady with Cloutly

ClubReady - Integration Guide

If your business uses ClubReady, follow this guide to integrate ClubReady with Cloutly. This integration will allow you to automatically send review campaigns from an Automation rule which is setup in ClubReady.


You have an active Cloutly plan.
You are the "Owner" of a ClubReady account.

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How does it work?

How does the ClubReady trigger work?

Creating an Automation in ClubReady allows you to define the trigger conditions suitable for your club. We recommend to start with the following trigger:

After 5 visits from Class "X", send review invite.

Setup Guide

Please follow each step, one by one; the order is important.

1️⃣ Submit a connection request form

To get started, use the link below which will allow your ClubReady account connect with Cloutly.

We will be notified and will reach out if there's anything else required.

2️⃣ Setup automation rules in ClubReady

Setting up Automation Rules are done in the ClubReady side.

Note: You need to have your club locations and review campaigns already set up in Cloutly before you can complete this step.

Step: Create an Automation Rule in ClubReady

Create the automation rule in ClubReady by following the image below.

You can create as many automations as you'd like
It's common to create 1 automation to start with and then get more complex over time.

Click Tools > Automation Rules > Add New Automation Rule > For Members

New automation rule for members

Step: Give the automation rule and name

Enter the text "Cloutly review integration"
Select a folder to place this rule into

Step: Select a rule condition

You can choose any rule you'd like. We recommend: "Number of days X since Prospect/member has attend X class".
Choose the parameters you'd like for the review invite to be sent.

Tip: Try 5 days after member has attend a new Class.

Step: Setting up the web hook trigger 🔥

Select "Call a Web Hook URL" as the automation trigger 🔥

Step: Select "Advanced" and enter the following options and click "Add Header"

Web Hook URL =
use https = checked
type = POST
Header = api-key

Step: Copy and paste your API Key from the ClubReady integration window within Cloutly's Integrations page:

Open Cloutly and go to Settings > Integrations > ClubReady section.
Go to the Webhook Generator tab and copy and paste the Header and API Key

Step: Next, copy the webhook body from the same area

Step: Paste the webhook body into ClubReady webhook body section (see image) below.

Step: Submit and Enable the new rule

When you've set up the automation as you'd like, click "Add New Automation Rule"

Remember to turn the rule "ON"

3️⃣ You're done

Now you can wait for the automation to happen. Visit your Cloutly dashboard to see the results. The members will appear in the Contacts page on the Cloutly dashboard.

Need Help?

Feel free to contact us if you'd like assistance during setup or have questions. We are more than happy to assist during the setup and along the way.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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